Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year!

Dear All Our Lovely Cusotmers,

We had a wonderful trading year and we know that you would have had the same as our businesses are linked together. We are very happy about that.

We wish you and your families a Merry Xmas and a Wonderful and Better 2016.

We only close on public holidays during the Xmas and the New Year break. Please do not hesiate to contact us if you need anything urgent.

Thanks and best regards


Crystallizing Qurl

Primience - New Colours

Vibrant Red

Contract Colours

Colour Chart

Hair Expo 2015 - Stand 2346

We will exhibit at Hair Expo 2015. Our stand is 2346. Please come along to talk to our educators to see how to produce silky shinning straight hair from extreme coarse or damaged hair using our no 1 product - Crystallizing Straight. We will also offer special discounts for all our hair products as usual. Please take advantage of it.

See you there!

Important Notice

Our business will close from 9th April (Thursday) 2015 until 17th April (Friday) 2015 inclusive for our annual holidays. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. For any urgent matters, please either call 0404 831 488 (Eric) or send email to

Primience - New Colours

2 new colours are added to the Primience from 1st April 2015.

Violet - A vivid violet tinge thoroughly quells the yellowish tinges of discolored hair with this clear, violet shade that gives hair a refined shine and soft glow.

Aqua Matt - A fresh, blue-green tinge thoroughly quells reddish tinges with this clear, matte shade that gives hair a refined shine and clear glow.

Enrich also has new colours for Level 12 and Level 9.

A Blog Article About Crystallizing Straight - Please Read

Hair Expo 2014 - Stand 2630

We will exhibit at Hair Expo 2014. Our stand is 2630.

Please come along to talk to our educators to see how to produce silky shinning straight hair from extreme coarse or damaged hair using our no 1 product - Crystallizing Straight.

We will also offer special discounts for all our hair products as usual. Please take advantage of it.

See you there!

Primience - New Colours

Shiseido Professional is leading the fashion trend with the release of 2 Primience colours, Coral Beige and Mint Beige.

Why Shiseido Profesional Hair Straightening - Crystallizing Straight

For Consumers

Crystallizing Straight is the number 1 Japanese permanent hair straightening products in the market (Australia and the world) for over 10 years. The result is shinning, smooth and silky. It is safe without Formaldehyde. The manufacturer is Shiseido Professional Inc., a subsidiary of the Shiseido Company, Limited - a Japanese company with 140 years history. You can be sure about the quality of the products. 

Warning: Please ensure you visit EKI/Shiseido Professional trained salons and they are using genuine Shiseido Professional products - Crystallizing Straight.

For Salons

Above and ....

Consumers only look for salons that stock Shiseido Professional to perform Japanese permanent hair straightening services. The results are good and your customers will come back and introduce you more customers. Please see the testimonials below. 

EKI will provide you proper training to ensure that you will provide the best services to your customers.

Warning: Please ensure you purchase genuine Shiseido Professional products - Crystallizing Straight from EKI/Shiseido Professional. EKI is the only official distributor of Shiseido Professional hair products in Australia.

2014 Plan - Reborn

"Reborn" is our theme for 2014. After 10 years in the business, we would like to reborn ourselves to strive for better business and growth with our beloved customers. With all the ground work set up in the past few years, we want to turn our business from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

There will be significant new product launches. There will be better ways to do business for us and our cusomters, e.g. product information, technical information, trend information and many more. All our exisitng products are with excellent quality and results, we would love to show our customers how to use them to turn into more profits.

Our showroom and office is part of the expansion plan of EKI and Shiseido Professional in Australia. Owning our own showroom shows our commitment to our business and to Shiseido Professional. It also gives confidence to our present and future customers. We also plans to upgrade our salon and practical training centre also located in Drummoyne in 2014 as part of our expansion plan. 

2013 Review 

Thank to all our supportive customers, suppliers, business partners and staff, 2013 was a very good year for our business. There were a few significant achievements.

We launched the new version of our number one Japanese permanent hair straightening products, Crystallizing Straight in 2013. The products are so good that it further significant expanded the quality gap between us and our competitors. Crystallizing Straight is the very best of the Japanese permanent hair straightening products.

We also launched our gray cover hair colour - Primience Enrich. The quality of the colour is really high and there were many salons taking up the colours.

We were pleased to have more A Class salons joining our customers list like Kippo and Revo. We were also very happy that more salon groups that have salons in major shopping centres had become our customers such as Blondes and Brunettes and Hair Industrie. This evidenced that our brand is continuously well accepted by the market.

We managed to finish our new showroom and office in 2013 and it provides us a great place to work in.

15% Discount If You Come To Our New Showroom


We've Done It!

We finally have moved in our new office and showroom. The address is Shop 1, 52 Lyons Road, Drummoyne NSW 2047, Australia. Below is a photo of it and more will be posted later. Our salon and training center is still at 83 Lyons Road, Drummoyne.

 New Products


We highly recommend Primience Enrich colours. It is an excellent product.

All Good News for 2013 and Beyond

Hair Expo 2013 and The Special Discounts

Due to all our commitments this year, we are sorry that we are not able to exhibit at the Hair Expo this year.

However, we will still offer the special discounts to 1 only order for each of our customers. They all expect and love it. 

15% discount for all products including colours

20% discount for Crystallizing Straight and the New Hair Care Line

+5% to volume discounts

Please call Eric (0404 831 488) or Lien (0404 262 979) to claim your special discounts. 

Expansion Plan for 2013, 2014 and 2015

We have great expansion plan for the next 3 years and we are in the process implementing it. We will work closer with our customers and continue to introduce the best hair products to them.

For 2013, for Shiseido Professional, we will launch the New Crystallizing Straight and its Hair Care Line, the amazing Primience Enrich Colour and one more great products that we will announce later.

We will launch a few new products from Arimino: Cosme Curl, Cosme Cream, Privy and BS Styling.

New Showroom and Office

We are very excited that we will have a New Designer Showroom and Office at Drummoyne around August. We are in the process talking to the Architect to work out the design.


New Crystallizing Straight with New Hair Care Line

New Primience Enrich (Coming in August)

Amazing new grey cover colour by Shiseido Professional.

Education Training

Education classes will be run in the 2nd half of 2013 for New Crystallizing Straight. Schedule will be sent to salons. Please call Eric on 0404 831 488 to leave your name for notification.

We will also introduce classes for Primience Colour and Primience Enrich Colour.

For Arimino, it will be Cosme Curl Perm and Cosme Cream Natural Straight Perm.

Featured Salons

We would to share with you some of our very successful and passionate customers. We will continue to add more.

Brilliant Hair Tokyo Style [SPS], Shop 10,1 Forrest Street, Subiaco, WA 6008, (08) 9388-1452,

Brilliant Hair Tokyo Style is an excellent salon in Perth. It is owned by Ms. Michiyo Heishi. She is a very sophisticated hair designer who truly believes in the high Japanese hair technology and service level. The salon chose to stock most of our products.

Please check out Michiyo san's wonderful website to see the excellent service and products that she is providing to the people of Perth. 

Husk Hair [SPS], 23 Garford Street, Robertson, QLD 4109, 0423 205 781,

Hush Hair is owned by Leon. He uses every product that we stock. He even ordered the Parrucchi steam machine from us. He is very advanced in the technical aspects of hair products and techniques. Please check out his facebook for his works under Photos.

His business has been excellent in 2012. Bookings are always full. He is our guest educator for QLD. 

K Studio [SPS], Shop 74, 1 Dixon Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, (02) 9261-8786,


K Studio is another old customer with us and nearly stocks all our products. As such, the superior owner Kenn has in-depth knowledge of the products and is one of the experts in Shiseido Professional and Arimino chemical treatments. Please check out his facebook for his works under Photos.

Our business grows with Kenn's business. Both of us have been improving our techniques together.  

2012 Review

2012 was a lucky year for our business. Thank to all our supportive customers, suppliers, business partners and good staff, the business continued its growth in a very tough business environment. 

We did Salon Melbourne and Hair Expo trade show in April and June. Both were very successful. Many new good customers joined us. Our hair straightening hair product, Crystallizing Straight, continued to dominate the hair straightening market.

We introduced many new, good and innovative hair products to our customers. The feedback were very good and we saw those customers getting technical and financial benefits from the new products. We would like to expand to more customers.

As for 2013, we will continue to provide good services and products to our customers so our business and our customers' businesses can both continue to grow and benefit.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!


Our BUY 12 GET 1 EXTRA FREE SALE IS FINISHED.... updated 15 Jan 2013.

Our business will close from 25 December 2012 until 13 January 2013 inclusive.

Wishing ALL our lovely customers and their families a Merry Christamas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Welcome to! We are the exclusive distributor of the Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight Permanent Hair Straightening System and the Qurl Creator Digital Perm System. Both number 1 from Japan.

EKI is seeking hairdressing suppliers in all States and Territory to distribute our Shiseido Professional Hair Straightening System. If you are interested, please call Eric on 0404 831 488 to discuss.   

Please also check out facebook page -

New Crystallizing Straight EX1 is available 

Launching on the 1st June, the Crystallizing Straight – EX formula by Shiseido Professional will straighten very resistant hair with ease. Crystallizing Straight is designed exclusively for professional salons with a range of 3 Straighteners and 2 Neutralizers. Please see the following link:

2nd half of 2012

We are working on a few new exciting products and will be able to help your business to advance to another level with more profitable services. Please keep come back and check.

Hair Expo Sydney 9,10,11 June 2012 - Stand 1410

We are going to offer (conditions apply):

15% discount wholesale prices to salons!!!!

Spice Neo

Arimino Spice Neo is available now. Please contact Eric 0404 831 488 for more information.

The new powerful styling products. Please check

Cosme Cream

Arimino Cosme Cream is available now. Please contact Eric 0404 831 488 for more information.

The natural look semi-permanent perm products from Japan - straight or curl with minimum damage. Can perm and colour at the same time. Please see

Salon Melbourne 31 March/1 April - Stand 2010

We are going to offer (conditions apply):

15% discount wholesale prices to salons!!!!

Wholesale prices to visitors for retail products!!!!

2012 Activities

We will be at Salon Melbourne (April) and Hair Expo (June) in 2012. Look forward to seeing you there.

To say "Thank You" to our customers - Buy 12 get 1 extra free sale is ON!

To show our appreciation for your support, we are going to offer Xmas Specials to you from now until the end of year. The Specials include:

Perm Products - Buy 12 get 1 extra free plus volume discount for our perm products (Crystallizing Straight, Qurl Creator and Creator). For example, if you buy 12 sets of H and N crystallizing straight mix, you will get 10% discount plus 1 extra set free.

Styling Products (Arimino and Shiseido) - Buy 12 get 1 extra free, for examples: Buy 12 Peace Wax, Milk or Spray and get 1 extra free. Buy 12 HPT Oil and get 1 extra free.

Shampoo and Treatment Products (Arimino and Shiseido) - Buy 12 set get 1 extra set free (you can mix the ranges), for example: Buy 4 sets of Prosynergy and 4 sets of PGS and 4 sets of Sherpa and get 1 set of PGS free (small size or big size or refill size).

Colour Products - The old Arimino and Shiseido colours and peroxide are on clearing special 30% off. Buy 12 get 1 extra free and can be mixed. If you buy over 48 tubes NEW colour then you get 1 extra free for each 12 tubes, i.e. 4 tubes+. You can mix Arimino and Shiseido in your order.

Xmas Bags - We have ordered some Xmas Bags for salons to sell with our products. If you are interested in getting some for your retail sales, please contact us.

Spice Foam and Tube - Clearing special 20% off. Buy 12 get 1 extra free.

New Products - We are working on a few exciting new products to be released early next year. We are confident that the products will help our customers to provide more services and make more profits. (Hints: What about healthy semi-permanent straight and hair manicure. :-))

For All Consumers - Salons claim using Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight System products

There are salons in the market claiming using Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight System to provide permanent hair straightening service to customers. However, these salons are not customers of EKI. EKI is the exclusive distributor for Shiseido Professoinal hair products in Australia.

We strongly advise consumers to check with salons to make sure they are using the genuine Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight System products and have had the training and experience in providing the service before the service.

Please check our salon list in this website for those salons using our genuine Shiseido Professional hair products. The list is not inclusive. Please do not hesitate to call (02) 9719 1418 or 0404 831 488 to check with us for those salons not listed on the list.

Shiseido Professional Primience Colour

We are going to release the new Shiseido Preofessional Primience Colour in September. For more information, please go to at the moment. The following is the Mobile Colour Bar comes with it.

Arimino Sherpa Home Care and Salon Care Products


The amazing Arimino Sherpa products are available now. Please do not hesitate to call (02) 9719 1418 or 0404 831 488 to order or to get more information. You can see more information following the link

HPT L and D Oils - The No. 1 Hair Oils

Heat protecting oil to prevent damage from the hair dryer and straightener by coating the layers of the hair shaft allowing the hair to remain soft with luster. It is a must-use product during the Crystallizing Straight process and also as a after-care hair product. You feel no-grease and light.

Contains natural ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil - Treats the inner hair fibers

Macadamia Nut Oil - Throws shine into the hair and makes the hair pleasant to touch

Olive Oil - Extremely rich in oleic acid, protects the hair from dryness

Tea Seed Oil - Rich in oleic acid and linoleic acids, effectively protects hair from heat and other external damages

Apricot Kernel Oil - Used in cosmetic oils to improve skin hydration, its superior hydrating power effectively moistures the hair and prevents it from heat

Parrucchi Steam Machine

For information about Parrucchi steam machine, please follow the link and contact us on 0404 831 488.

Sulfate-free Shampoos

Our Program Solution CS and C shampoos are Sulfate-free shampoos.

Q & A

Q&A page was just added. Please have a look.

Salon List

The salon list was just updated. Please check if your salon is in. If not please contact us.

Shiseido 2011 S/S Season Hair "Blade"

For "Blade" at Style Icons, please go to

For technique guide for "Blade", please go to

Hair Expo 2011

Our stand number is 1410. See you there on 11-13 June 2011!

Similar to last year, we are going to offer 15% discount from the wholesale price for your purchase at our stand. Please take full advantage of this once a year special [Conditions applied].

Our educators will be on site. We look forward to discuss the techniques to produce perfect silky hair with you.

This year, our focus is to engage more of our customers to become Shiseido Professional Specialist salons as our brand is getting more and more popular in the consumer market. We look forward to catch up with you and to discuss the opportunity.

Salon Melbourne 2011

We had a great success at Salon Melbourne 2011. Thank to all our visitors and partners.

New Asian Colour Design Expert System

New Asian Colour Design Expert System is available now. The best Japanese colour ever available in Australia. Please call 0404 831 488 to request for a hardcopy of the product guide and technical guide.

New Crystallizing Straight

New Crystallizing Straight is available now. Please call 0404 831 488 to request for a hardcopy of the product guide and technical guide.

New Qurl Creator

New Qurl Creator is available now. Please call 0404 831 488 to request for a hardcopy of the product guide and technical guide.

New F Program Treatment

New F Program  Treatment is available now. Please call 0404 831 488 to request for a hardcopy of the product guide and technical guide.

Hair Expo 2010

We have just finished the Hair Expo at Darling Harbour during the Queen's Birthday long weekend. It was a big success to us, especially the Spotlight show we performed on Sunday and Monday. Many salons showed their interest in our products especially the Crystallizing Straight and the new Creator Curl.

First of all, we would like to thank our sponsors, Mr. Akira Isogawa and Mr. Tatsuya Nagai (Managing Director of Shiseido Australia) for their grateful support. We also want to thank our staff (Eriko, Leanne and Julia) and the Shiseido team (Yuko, Lani, Hiro, Ken and Shizuka). Without Ms. Yuko's great effort, the Spotlight show would not be that successful. At last, of course we would like to thank our lovely models Michelle, Tomoko and Tyla. They are all beautiful inside and outside.

Please have a look of some photos we took at the Expo.

Our Crystallizing Straight is the number one product for Japanese permanent hair straightening while our Creator Qurl is the number one product for Japanese hot permanent wave perm. Both products are able to turn frizzy and unmanageable hair into movie star hair style permanently.

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to show you how amazing our products are.

Have a good day.

Eric and Lien